Shakti/Kundalini Yoga

I love physical movement in yoga and that’s why I have coupled the more meditative Kundalini Yoga element with Shakti Flow warm-ups; these are floor based flowing exercises that are therapeutic in nature and open up even the deepest nooks and crannies in the body. After these warm-ups we go into a short Kundalini set (called a Kriya) and to integrate this powerful combination we do a deep relaxation. Usually during relaxation I chant for the class, giving a wonderful, soothing and healing vibration to the resting period. When we’re rested it’s time for a meditation, either working with the breath, a focus, visualization or chanting a mantra. And I always end class by inviting everyone to get up and dance! We have a lot of fun in yoga class. 🙂

Benefits of Shakti Flow/Kundalini Yoga:

Balancing the hormonal system.

Nervous system strength.

Stress relief and anxiety management.

Release of chronic conditions caused by stress.

Physical strength and stamina.

Mental resilience.

A deeper experience of relaxation.

A greater sense of joy, calm and peace.

Deper self-discovery.