Pre-natal yoga


I’m certified to teach prenatal yoga classes as well, and I enjoy it immensely. The class structure is the same as for the regular Shakti/Kundalini Yoga classes, only the Pre-natal class is much softer, much more calm and meditative. We make sure to stretch the body well, no matter how big your belly! And we always dance with the baby and often sing to it too. The relaxation period in the Pre-natal classes is also longer than in a regular class, because pregnant women really need their rest.

Pre-natal yoga will prepare you for your birth experience and your new life as a mother by:

Strengthening the nervous system.

Giving tools for natural pain relief.

Training visualization skills.

Breath techniques to help labor along.

Learning to completely relax your whole being.

Strengthening the connection between you and your baby.

Helping to cope with stress and feelings of overwhelm.

Helping you maintain a connection to yourself when under pressure.

Helping to cope with big change.