A super big thank you for an amazing healing and clearing session today. The energy fuelled me in so many ways! I feel much more clear on my path and totally ready to lead with my heart!!! Much love to you!! xo
-Gabriela Dominguez

So I just had the MOST amazing skype session with the Goddess Saranpreet Kaur Khalsa. She is truly magical and it was such a transformative experience. PROFOUND. So lovely friends if you feel like trying something quite amazing in terms of energetic healing. I’m feeling sooooooo blessed! Thanks darling Saranpreet Kaur Khalsa.

-Adriana Forte

Good morning Saran… I had a delightful dream where there was a light bulb shining above my head at all times…. at one stage I got out of my bed and looked through my curtain windows because I was sure the interior light of the car was on but no, it was just me. Shining!
-Eileen O’Toole

Kiitos vielä! Oli niin huikea tuo hoito ❤ En ehtinyt ja pystynyt kertomaan miten valtavia visioita tuli. Oli ennenkokemattomia kosmisia tasoja ja juttuja mitä on ihan mahdoton kuvata ? Mun kolmannen silmän kohdalta aukes avaruus ja sellaset sfäärit etten oo vielä aiemmin moista vauhtia ja tykitystä kokenut ja silti tuntui että se oli vasta alkua ?
-Milja Field

Thanks again for a fabulous session today. Very empowering.
-Verena Raschke-Cheema

“I just looked in the mirror and it’s like a different face looking back at me… I feel like I’ve shed a burden of a thousand pounds of weight off my shoulders” – MT

“For the longest time I’ve been living beside myself, I didn’t even know that I was doing it. Now I feel like I’ve been drawn back into my body, that I’m in ME again… NOTHING can replace this feeling. Nothing… this is so profound, indescribably profound. Thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you for leading me back to myself… THANK YOU. You are a true gift to the world.” – P.D.

“I don’t know what you just did but I can feel it working, my pain is just gone. I dont’ understand any of this, but it’s just gone. How is that possible?” – Carol

“OMG I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life. I’m still reeling from the power of that love connection… It’s like everything has changed. Everything. Thank you so much…!” – M

“I can’t stop crying because my heart is just so full of LOVE.” – Tina

“I feel like I just came home.” – CN

“You hold such a powerful, nurturing loving space, it is a real gift…” – Tine O

“I just know that you are the reason why we will survive as a species on this planet…

…you offer what we need to shift this earth around.” – Tanya Lee Markul, Co-founder of Rebelle Society, creator of Write’s Den and Thug Unicorn

“Thank you for getting me through the hell I was living in inside my mind. My life has completely changed. I just KNOW what to do now. I just know.” – TOGL

“What an amazing session… I’ve been floating on clouds and feeling so much clarity and love. Thank you SO MUCH!” – LL

“I feel completely changed. Different but just more me.” – SL