Pia Khalsa

My name is Pia Khalsa,IMG_3839

I’m a singer-healer, Kundalini Yoga and prenatal yoga teacher, doula, Meridian Energy & Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner as well as a songwriter and a spiritual facilitator.

My greatest work (also in my own life) is to facilitate healing and change. To help individuals connect with the Divine within themselves, to bring people to their own inner truth and connect with their hearts. I help my clients bring in more joy and connection into their lives. I help empower women especially to feel their strength and intuition and deeper self-love and acceptance.

My own life journey has been colorful and eventful; I’ve experienced depression, burnout, anxiety disorder, bulimia and anorexia, miscarriage, rheumatoid arthritis; just to name some of the challenges I’ve lived through in order to find my way back into who I really am, the Truth of Being. I’ve pursued various career paths, also I’ve lived in many different countries and seen many cultures and learned so much from it. I consider myself an experienced voyager on the journey of life and my life experiences make me the strong, compassionate space holder, teacher and channel for unconditional Love that I truly am today.

I was born in Finland but left right after finishing high school, and ended up living in Sweden for 14 years, where I started training as a classical violinist at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm but ended up completing training in opera and stage work at the Stockholm Opera Studio. I also hold a BA in English language and literature from Stockholm University. I’ve always been interested in languages speak six European languages at various levels of proficiency. I also speak a bit of Panjabi and am fluent in reading the ancient language of Gurmukhi. Communication is a big thing for me and connecting with others makes me feel alive. I also love volunteering, I’ve been an activist for Greenpeace and Food Not Bombs as well as for various church and spiritual communities.

I did my Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Sada Sat Singh and Sada Sat Kaur US/Yoga Borgo Italy in 2010/11, and started teaching classes right away in June 2010. I’ve since taught internationally as far afield as South Africa. I worked in Denmark as a yoga teacher for a period of time, being part of a small group of teachers working to start up and anchor Kundalini Yoga as an important discipline within the wider Danish yoga community. I helped found Teacher Trainings and taught classes, workshops and at festivals and charity events. Since starting teaching Kundalini Yoga all those years ago I’ve loved bringing healing tones through my voice and live chanting meditations in my yoga classes, providing a nurturing and profoundly relaxing healing environment for my students.

As a result of my own complex PTSD from childhood trauma, I was gradually drawn towards exploring emotional and energetic healing modalities in my late twenties. This very soon led me to start facilitating healing and release for others. The foundation for my energy healing is with The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, and my meridian work started within the AMT. I have a deep connection with Archangel Metatron and the Universal Cosmic Source Energy, and together I was guided to develop the concept of Metatronic Heart Connection; a process of deepening the heart connection within every individual and facilitating the healing and transformation that is the potential for everyone.

I have practiced and studied Eastern spirituality for many years in the form of Sikhi (Sikhism). “Sikh” means “student”. I first got in touch with the Sikh path through Kundalini Yoga in 2010 and it was love at first sight. I dove right into the practice ans way of life, and received baptism (Amrit) in December 2011. The Sikh wa y of life has taught me so many things; most importantly how to connect with my inner truth and to stand up for myself and love and respect myself. It’s a journey that keeps unfolding. For me it’s the highest path of devotional singing. I now facilitate prayers and programs within the Sikh community, which is what I love to do the most. I’ve lived in India for periods of time, I got married in India in 2013 for what was to be an intense but short marriage. I believe that everything happens for a reason and the unfolding of circumstances always gives us the best and highest opportunity for spiritual growth.
In addition to my eastern path of spirituality I have also worked and volunteered within the Christian church (Protestant church of Finland, Episcopal church of Scotland). This has brought me an understanding for both Western and Eastern cultures and spiritual frameworks. It is however my Sikh practice that brings in a wider space of my healing work in working with mantras and sacred vibrations in the form of prayers and devotional song. I was baptized into the Sikh faith, but I regard all spiritual paths as journeys towards the same goal: Universal Love and connection to Self. I am currently a volunteer and facilitator (sewadar) at the Birmingham charity Sikh Nari Manch – Sikh Women’s Association, facilitating programs and taking care of spiritual duties.

I trained as a Doula in September 2015 and feel that the work of supporting women on their journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood is such important work in the times we live in. I also work with release of birth trauma and use a combination of modalities in my birth trauma release sessions.


That’s a bit of information about me, if you would like, please do get in touch – simply email: saranpreetkk@gmail.com – I would love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

Pia Khalsa