Food & Emotions

The sessions to heal emotional eating and your relationship with food are 60 minutes long and cost 42£. We use multiple techniques and modalities that safely and permanently change the neural connections in the brain and neutralize the emotional charge you have around food, certain foods, eating, body image and anything else that links in to the topic for you. We create a safe space for you to heal emotions like anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger and frustration; these are usually present when we work with our relationship with food, everyone’s got them in some form and you don’t need to feel alone feeling these emotions, no matter how intense they can feel.

Our starting point is always that you’re doing the best that you know how, given the circumstances you are in and given the experiences you’ve had in life up to this point. Acknowledging that you’re doing the best you can is the doorway to start the healing process, and with these powerful and very effective and efficient tools it can be done more easily. It’s never about the food, it’s never about the weight; it’s about what drives the needs, the emotions and the choices.

To book your 60 minute “healing eating” session, please click the link below.