So many of us struggle with our relationship with food and eating. Food is sometimes a convenient way to avoid uncomfortable feelings, take the edge of stress or anxiety or used as a social glue to feel part of a group or gathering. Many of us wish to lose weight, only to find that we keep bouncing back to the same weight over and over again, or even gaining more, some of us use extra weight as “extra safety padding” between ourselves and other people, or ourselves and our outer circumstances. Some of us feel like our foody treats are sometimes the only safe space during the day to sit down and relax.

I have personally been through all of the above as well as experiencing bulimia and anorexia. I know what it’s like to be addicted to sugar, I know what it’s like to feel like you can’t stop eating. I know what it’s like when you dislike yourself so much you punish yourself by eating. And I know what it feels like when food seems to be your only friend. But it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Things can change; we can change our relationship with ourselves and with the food we eat.

This is why I want to offer sessions for healing eating and emotions. The technique and modality that we use in these sessions is a combination of Metatronic Heart Connection, Sat Nam Rasayan energy clearing and EFT. We’re releasing and neutralizing the emotional charge in our nervous systems, releasing food cravings, healing the emotions behind the food choices and the eating patterns. We’re also establishing a closer connection to ourselves and healing the link to staying in the physical body. Click on the tab below to read more about these sessions.