Birth Trauma


We needn’t live with trauma. It is absolutely possible to heal the energetic and emotional responses that we develop as a result of traumatic events. I have myself suffered from complex PTSD and post traumatic stress symptoms for most of  my life, and have successfully and safely released those symptoms, using the tools that I now work with professionally with my clients.

Post traumatic stress – and the deeper form of it, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a tricky business to unravel if we only look at the rational mind. It is, after all, the physical and emotional bodies that are reacting to a trauma. The tricky bit is that our brains cannot tell the difference between a traumatic event happening to us in real time, a trauma happening to someone else. As a result we can be traumatised as a witness to someone else experiencing trauma, or even if we hear about a traumatic event, without even witnessing it.

All these three versions of experiencing trauma are equally real to our brain, kicking our nervous system into high gear – raised level of wakefulness, alertness, hightened muscle tension, shallower breath, upped heart rate. In other words: STRESS. The more traumatic we experience an event to be (even just hearing about traumatic events), the stronger the mind-body reaction becomes. The mind is simply trying to keep us safe, even after the event is well over and done, perhaps even years and years after the actual trauma.

So if we try to solve the issue on the rational level (it’s over, let’s get on with it) without taking into account the mind-body connection and what emotional charge that we carry around the event, chances are that we’re left with an active trauma blueprint running in the background, influencing our daily choices, sense of self, relationships and our basic physical and emotional well-being.


A definition of a situation that will cause post traumatic stress or a post traumatic stress disorder is when a person is exposed to:

  • death or threatened death,

  • actual or threatened serious injury,

  • actual or threatened sexual violation.

The traumatized person keeps re‐experiencing symptoms such as:

  • recurring involuntary and intrusive memories of the event.

  • recurring nightmares.

  • flashbacks.

There’s avoidance behaviors or coping mechanisms such as:

  • avoidance of thoughts, feelings or talking about the event or stressors that are associated with the event.

  • avoidance of activities, places or people associated with the event.

  • there might be intense or prolonged emotional or psychological distress when exposed to something that resembles the trauma.

  • also there may be a body distress response when remembering the trauma.

  • there’s often a negative change in beliefs and mood that began or worsened after the traumatic event, persistent sadness, feeling like a helpless victim of circumstances.

Our mind might shield us through an inability to remember an important aspect of the traumatic event, deep negative expectations about ourselves, others, or the world or a persistent distorted blaming of ourselves or others about the cause or consequences of the trauma. There may also be fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame that we just can’t seem to shake. We may feel no interest or participation in significant activities, joining in with others, feeling connection to others, feeling things in our lives are meaningful; there’s often a feeling of detachment or estrangement from others. And lastly, we may experience an inability to experience positive emotions.

If you recognize your own experience here or that of someone you know, rest assured that we can work on this and heal the layers of trauma and blockages of emotions and energy related to it.

A birth trauma healing session costs 42£ for an hour, or 55£ for a 90 minute session.

A longer 90 minute session is usually preferable, we can get that much deeper in one session.

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