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Emotional Preparation Before The Birth Of Your Baby

Many mothers to be go through a huge emotional transformation during pregnancy; preparing for birth and a new life as a mother is a big transition! To help you navigate the unfoldings and the changes of pregnancy and to help you prepare for labour, I offer pre-natal sessions in person or via Skype.

In a session we will look at the life areas you need help with; physical wellbeing and over-all health, fears or anxieties that we neutralize them through Emotional Acupressure and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), as well as having a look at how yoga and the yogic sciences can support you in your pregnancy and labor – learning to relax, practicing easy efficient meditations, helpful focusing and relaxing breathing exercises, visualizations, holistic health and more. We can also do a bit of energy work in these sessions if you like, to get things flowing harmoniously in a balanced way in your body and being.

If you’ve booked me to be your doula, you get 2 of these sessions included in the price of my doula services. A session 42£ and is 60 minutes long.

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1  x 60 minute prenatal session 42£